Feel the Heat on my Face
As I burn Inside
See what u've left
As I loose these spellbound sights
I am torned into little pieces
And the light of my life has Diminished
I am that thing who's purpose is long lost
Here I await for my undecided fate

Decayed in darkness, I Growl in pain
For the Freedom I seek in the Distant land

Dark is a curse upon me
Damn'ed and Mortified
Thee who art in hades
Just one sight of the light I will die and fight
The thunder strikes amid in the frostbitten night
As I serve Infinite numbers of time of my Degenerate Life
Degraded by the master of disguise
Here I growl to ease these pain of mine.
For the Freedom I seek in the Distant Land
Immortal I am, another holocaust you shall remember
Cause I am Doomed and Decayed in Eternal Black
Abolished with thy venomous Lie.
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Eternal Black Lyrics

Antim Sanskar – Eternal Black Lyrics

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