forgive me my heart is breakin, I've been taking myself seriously. you put thumbtacks on my drawbacks. since you've marked them they're all I see. I'm sorry I've been so sincere. excuse my words, my breath, my tears. forgotten is the light I saw, replaced it with my greatest flaw. because I'm all worn out, from being all torn down. double-sided you left me on the ground, now I know what you think of me. what do I think of you? not at all. I can't see why you hurt me. now I'm burning, set the world ablaze. the world stops as my heart drops, I've been falling for the last three days, and I can't talk and I don't care. my simple words fell on deaf ears. I close my eyes but you're still there, hanging on to all my fears.
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Fell On Deaf Ears Lyrics

Antifreeze – Fell On Deaf Ears Lyrics