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This Is The New Sound Lyrics

Anti-Flag – This Is The New Sound Lyrics

from album: The General Strike (2012)
[Verse 1]
That alarm clock’s ringin’ in your ear
Radio playing sports report cheer
But you got nothing to cheer or shout about
Just a nine to five in a lousy town

Your morning begins
With you thinkin’ of the cold of the street blown’ in your face
Your morning begins with you thinkin’
“One more day in this job and I’m gonna scream!”

[Chorus x2]
So stand up
And step out
Step out to the new sound

[Verse 2]
“Hello!” to the manager, “Hello!” to the boss
As they sell you short and they drink your blood
You give ‘em your heart and your very soul
Only to realize that they don’t give a fuck about you


[Chorus x2]

And when they try to put you down put you on your back
But you don’t take that you knock ‘em out!

[Chorus x5]

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