The ring an empty place
Don't want to hide my face
I hear the calling
Of my saddest feelings inside

They always laugh at me
About the mask they see
But even then their eyes are
Closed to what is behind

My whole life is a charade
The pretender that I am
An insidious masquerade

No one will ever see
The truth in my life
The curtain falls
The light fades
I am lost in this lie
Crying in silence is all
Left for me
No one sees the tears of a clown
But me

It feels as cold as ice
I've learned to pay the price
I am the servant
Of your pleasure
And my deceit

But what else could I be
This lie is part of me
I stumble through the night
And fall into a dream

Where my life is
Not a charade
No pretender that I am
No insidious masquerade
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Tears Of A Clown Lyrics

Ansottica – Tears Of A Clown Lyrics