The dead man is coming through, just look in his eyes
And all you can see is a listless lie
A smile on his face as he walks to his end,
Heaven seems to have watched him cry

All in all, under his tombstone lies the rest he seeks within
As it hurts to look for the rainbow then it must be hell for him

The dead man he stumbles as a prey for the maggots, his eyes are rolling, you see him walk by
The nights in his prison have taken their toll
As he seems to fear the sunlight and all
Make way make way, dead man walking his guards yell, you step aside
As I stumble along eye for an eye, I leave you here lie for a lie

Can't you see if anything, it feels like I'm going down
Can't you see if anything, you can't make me turn around
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Dead Man Walking Lyrics

Another Messiah – Dead Man Walking Lyrics

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