Hello sweet darling wont you listen to this song
You're not a villain just cos' they say you are one
You aren't to blame for this and you've done nothing wrong
You're not worthless, and you're (idk this part)

Come on sweet darling, lets catch the next train
You're not crazy and youre not insane
This town is full of cowboys and horses
For what they've done they seem quite remorseless

Come to me now run with me now
Leave this town for dead
Come with me now hold my hand
And follow me into the (idk)

Hello sweet darling oh you're not a liar
(maybe something that ends in fire?)

Come with now, run with me now
Hold my hand they wont know it
Come with me now, run with me now
Leave this town for to world out there


Come with me now, run with me now,
Leave this town they wont now it
Come with now, hold my hand now
Follow me into the world out there

Come with me today...
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Sweet Darling Lyrics

Another Indie Summer – Sweet Darling Lyrics

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