I had it all, living on cloud nine
I was losing myself in having a good time
There was no need for anyone
I simply closed my eyes
Then I woke up with my heart aching
And that's when I realized
Something was missing
Somethign was wrong
How could I think that I could get along
Without you?
My eyes could see the sun
It was shining
But I only felt the rain
'Cause something was missing
Until I let you in my life again.
Verse 2
You were there waiting
Watching from the sidelines
Standing there wondering
When I'd come around
It took so long for me to see
That without you, I wouldn't be
I couldn't breathe
And without you my life would have no meaning
Until I let you in my life again
Something was missing
Until I let you in again.
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Something Was Missing Lyrics

Anointed – Something Was Missing Lyrics

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