My knife is deep inside yout fucking uterus
Shut you're fucking mouth, as I am thrusting
My knife inside inside you sexual organs
You should never be allowed to reproduce
I'll make it my priority, to wipe you out
You fucking plague on humanity
I'll watch your body twich and squirm
Never control my life, you will never learn
I only called you over so I could commit murder
And rid this world of one fucked up c***
You are the queen of filth and hypocrisy
Spinning your web of lies and hate
Your soul is dead
And burining, you lived this way
Think but never see
For years and years you've sickened me
Left a path of destruction in your wake
You are the queen of filth spreading hypocrisy
Your soul is dead
For years you've been a coward
You soul is dead
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Years Of Disgust Lyrics

Annotations Of An Autopsy – Years Of Disgust Lyrics