Winds of change left me standing here alone
Groping in the dark for things I've known.
Nothing here is where it used to be
Seems that all is changing but me.

Chorus: I watch the change fall like the rain
Wash away all that I knew
How could this be reality?
I'm in a dream in which I'm so confused.
Your silence is overwhelming
You can take me, but tell me,
Will you do more than look at me
Talk to me, I am calling
Talk to me I am calling.

Standing at the dawn of day so new
Frightened and yet eager, I lift my hands to you.
I have nothing left of me to lend,
All I can do now is surrender.

And then a still, small voice, says take my hand.

Suddenly I see what life can be,
Now that I am letting you guide me.
Lord, I place my life into your hands.
Take me through this dark and foreign land.

Because You, o God will never ever change,
And You, o God, will always love the same.
Familiar to my eyes at just a glance,
Turn these unsure steps into a dance.
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Talk To Me Lyrics

Annie Brooks – Talk To Me Lyrics

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