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Monkey See Lyrics

Anne Loree – Monkey See Lyrics

When we get outa here it's gonna be
Right back atcha you betcha baybeh
Me and the Mrs. We're so anxious we can't stop
Swinging around
Junior there he just sits there all day suckin'
A banana
But he ain't stupid he's just waiting for the
Whole thing to come down

We're gonna find your house
Turn it into a zoo
And never let you out
Monkey see, monkey do

I told old Wolfy about it on the east side
Last night, you shoulda heard him howlen'
Jerry the Giraffe laughed so hard was just
Like rain start'da pour
Larry the Lion he's to fat to get up these days
But something tells me that he heard me
Cause last night around midnight I could swear
I heard his African roar

We're gonna point and stare
And watch you pee and poo
And scratch your genitals
Monkey see, monkey do

(Instrumental break, trumpet soloist imitating
Monkey sounds)

When we get outa here it's gonna be strict
With monkey business you betcha baybeh
We're gonna analyze gonna sanitize gonna
Advertise gonna capitilize on you
We're gonna steal your young disect your dung
Stick out our tongues and throw you
Hotdog wrappers
Later watch you copulate, get it on the six
O'clock news

And charge a friensten bus
To make a fool of you
And watch you get fucked up
Monkey see, monkey do

When we get outa herex6
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