The wind is blowing on this dusted desert highway
The day is settling on our heads
Just one more stop on our way back from Carson City
Cuz we can't quite bring this to an end

You know just the place
Where we can hide away
And steal some heaven while we can

You pull the car off of the road and grab the blankets
You lead me to a natural spring
We take our time on a six pack while the sun sets
The horizon is bringing in the rain

Naked and so alive
You snap a picture and smile
As we steal some heaven while we can

We know by midnight that la will be callin
I'll say I'm cold and you'll drop me at home
The next time we fight you will beg me to remember
That dusted desert highway we rode

You'll send the photograph
Knowing you'll win me back
And we'll steal some more heaven while we can
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Steal Some Heaven Lyrics

Anna Montgomery – Steal Some Heaven Lyrics