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Pha'real Lyrics

Ankhten Brown – Pha'real Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Stepping in the paint, all smooth
Mile high with the crew
I be walking on the blocks with the news here
The (?) on the blues, cooking cops into two
Smoking rocks ain’t cool, motherfuckers (?)
Green thumb, I be finna grow up with my earth chick
Got bliss in my shell when I’m talking herb hits
Rock this in the A6, with a bad bitch
Pop tricks on some shit, a nigga got this
Golden energy inside my motherfucking spirit
I ain’t ever wasting key if a bitch all-giving
That means if she go around I won’t be one-hitting
I won’t ever leave my pound let alone my village
My niggas holed up with me we a team finna blast off
Cash (?) with the money bags with the passion
Ride to fly image I ain’t into bullshitting
So whatever I be spitting be the truth that I stand on
(?) tripping on the essence
Pimped out ride with a balled-out chain
(?) bloodshot brains
Wicked sauce (?)
(?) chains
(?) levels
(?) sing

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