These twisted priests.
I would smile
If every last parish, perished in a smoking blaze.
So let the bombs fly
Right into the heart of the holy city.
Because what more harm can they do to a child.
Next time eat his little heart.
Break into his will and tear his entire life apart.
It makes me sick,
A spiritual leader who can't even control his own dick.
To what extent
Does forgiveness reach?
If pedophilic abuse and rape
Is the lesson that they really teach.
And they continue to preach,
But my sermon is much more clear and simple...
You are the scum of the earth.

Hypocrites and robbers,
What more can they do to wrong the world?

Next time smash his brains out.
Psychologically fucked and there is never going to be a way out.
Take the family's money,
And their child's virginity.

So I say fuck that bastard Nazi pope,
There's been a dick down Benedict's holy throat.
Right under his nose, thousands are violated.
It is for you twisted creeps that I wish Hell
Actually existed so that by any and every means
Possible punishment for your ghastly abuse
Intrusion and the desecration
Will be shot right up your righteous assholes.
You make me fucking sick.
I say let the bombs fly,
Right into your houses of God
So you can know how it feels
To have your heart ripped right out.
Let the bombs fly.
No more pardons.
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Bombs Over Rome Lyrics

Animosity – Bombs Over Rome Lyrics