Pumpkin, ooh wow
I can't think about it
I get frustration for so low
Pumpkin, stay awhile
Pumpkin gets a snakebite
I get restraints you just don't know
And with audacious song
A daily for a week
Please keep my troubles and begone
You will Pumpkin, you know that
I gotta go, watch out

Won't you like a daily bar
Don't think you were too low
Pumpkin, you're turning green
You're weak between your toes
My dear friend Pumpkin, you've got purple lesions
Going up and down your pretty nose
But I got it all, watch out
It's god, I could televise
Pumpkin gets a snakebite
My son, you want Pumpkin is dying
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Pumpkin Gets A Snakebite Lyrics

Animal Collective – Pumpkin Gets A Snakebite Lyrics