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Penny Dreadfuls Lyrics

Animal Collective – Penny Dreadfuls Lyrics

Don't change
Slip through the dust
As the bus
Pulls away from where the magical child starts
I've got a comic in the middle
And the sands set
The stories will shape this ship
And offer you
So gather round
Just four more stops again
We'll reach our teachers
Calling at the end
Expect that foulest call
Doubt is not as lovely
I see the driver in the glass
This car will never pass
While they're standing
There's no standing
The five year olds eat their fruit
Soiled in the seats
When attention
And short attention spans
The boy who sweats in his glass
His tension part
Of a precept
Who's calling where's my babydoll
Larry the fuck
Just lost all his teeth
To a cavity
In the basement
(Aaa hoooooo x 2)
Pick a place and sit alone
Too fast to fret the courses
And who'll fuck the likes of race
Hold up there?

And when then they finally fall
Her eyes are sorry for
But what are we waiting for
Way uptight

In fast cars
Just always waiting for
And watch the paintings through

The bells are clock twister
Soldiers in their boldness
The bully grabs at my back
Pushes too fast
For the pain goes
In pain now
The driver pushes the gas
Escapes kinda fast
So he spins back
Got his attention now
Hit the brakes if we slide
And his head hits the side
And he screams out
Creeps out "I'll take you on"
Then he grabs me in dreadfuls
And the looks on his chestfuls
And my head thinks
No match son
And then there's the stop
And Sarah climbs in
She says
There's a hole in Tim
He laughs in his place
She spits in his face
She says "Tommy
You leave my boy alone
Everybody came down just to see me leaving
Baby take my hand away can't you see I'm happy
When the story's mine I think I'll tell it different
It's a shame to hear the sound
When the penny hit the ground
And I want to go back home
When does this bus leave? "
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Songwriters: DAVID PORTNER
Penny Dreadfuls lyrics © DOMINO PUBLISHING COMPANY

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