Everybody's stepping out.
Loud and bold, yeah they proud.
Wanna try to shut us down.
But it's just not going down (Like that.)
We got that defense that put 'em on the offense.
No weapon form against us gonna prosper.

We gonna shout, make a sound till the whole world knows.
This fire ain't going out!

*They try to stop us but we rise.
Try to ignore us but we rise.
Can't even handle us. We rise!
We coming to eliminate
The enemy at work today.
The time has come for us to rise!
We rise! We rise! We rise!

Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!

Facebook, mtv, Lady Gaga, htc
T-t-technology, image and immorality.
We coming to break up all the noise.
Like what's important and what's void.
We in a war and we fighting for life!

We gotta shout, make a sound till the whole world knows.
The truth is alive and well.


Wake up! Wake up and see the state of the world.
What you gonna do?
Enough participating. Make a separation.
Everybody stand united and rise!

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We Rise Lyrics

Aniel – We Rise Lyrics