Every day is another day to pick up the pieces and meet my obligations.
I need this, want that, gotta take care of that, and on and on.
But nothing else can take the place of you.

*You are my desire Lord above all things.
Come and refresh my spirit. I realize that...

**Everyday your grace and mercy follows me.
Every day I feel your presence Lord.
In spite of what may come I know you'll always be here with me.
Every day I need your guidance.
Everyday growing more like you.
Forevermore Lord I want nothing, nothing, nothing else but you.

I gotta learn to prioritize and see my reality through your word
Cause that's living in the newness of life effectually.
There is no true existence apart from you.

*, **

I don't need anyone to fulfill me.
I don't need anyone to complete me.
I have found my souls desire, revitalizer.
I'm emphasizing that I don't want anyone or anything but you.

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Nothing Else Lyrics

Aniel – Nothing Else Lyrics