As the flaming vortex of gorecloud arabesque
Concealed the moon's cadaverous masque
The nightskies sang bitter serenades to the earth
Where my body was lying onward to rebirth
Dyed scarlet, and mantled in the midnight fog
In the frigid blackness lifeless I slept
All my feverous visions bore her image
When an ardent necromantic wind
Blew my nightmares to naught

Fettered by the cold chains of silence
At last, in tears I awoke
Orphaned and forlorn in the desert realm
Of my own nine hells within
"Sweet godless leprous seraphs,
I've become your kin! "

They led me 'mongst the deepest winter
Through fiery meadows, where the dreamside dies
To find her phantom in frosty rapture
In the clandestine gloom, where she took my cries

I drank deep of the celestial sea
With my hands raised to the raven skies
And crowned by the moongrief above
I loosed my cheerless sighs

"Wretched are the kingdoms
Where I've been banished to reside
Through the ravage of oblivion
I sought comfort, yet my wounds are still wide. "

Through obscurity flavoured with mist
Eternally I shall roam and bleed
For the one who cursed me to crawl
Where leprous angels breed
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Where Leprous Angels Breed Lyrics

Anguish Sublime – Where Leprous Angels Breed Lyrics