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Whiskey Lyrics

You say you want me to choose
Between life without you
Between life without you, and life
Without my whiskey
That isn't much of a choice
No, I don't think that it's fair
When I was alone, my whiskey was always there
When I needed a friend
When I was feeling way down
When no one was there my whiskey
Was always around
Do you care about me or are you just being vain?
It's not my whiskey, it's you that
Drives me insane
You and me ain't the same as we were before.
I don't know what happened,
Maybe we just got bored
Now you're telling me, how it's gonna be
Who made you the boss?
Did you win some toss?
I wish you'd understand, I wish that you
Would lend a hand
But you're to busy telling me what to do
You told me I had to choose
Between you and my booze
Well, I'm afraid that you lose, I'll take my whiskey.

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