Out in the dark I roam onward to meet my fate
Time's an illusion today
Away from all I know, a frail that is filled with pain
Feeling the lifeless taste ahead
I wish for no more than air

Flashes of clearness cross my eyes, disclosing power
The tides will hurry my return
Now in the blackness I see light, I will not cower
I contemplate life with helpless faith
Master of my design I am, awake from darkness
Pages of wisdom turn, mind over matter reigns
My fear won't lead me astray
I seek the quiet night, over the crushing waves

I imagine thoughts on golden rays and days when I'll rise again

[Repeat chorus]

I am
Awake from darkness
A broken dignity an upsurge soon to be
Within these books I find my hope and liberty

[Repeat chorus]

I am
Awake from darkness
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Awake From Darkness Lyrics

Angra – Awake From Darkness Lyrics