Lost in a blur - of psychostatic
Electro into - windstorm maniac
A philosophy - a way of life
Sold in a smile - evangeliphile
Soothing pulsation - mindnumbing relief
Pablum for masses - in a cathode ray bile
Neon holographic - wonderland lies
Reflected in millions - of unsuspecting eyes
Synapse overloaded experience of the future
Electrical misfire - distort minds eye feature
Radio wave cataclysm perception molester
Thought breaking tele-message messiah of the future
We've become Message - Receiver - Mutated - Creature
Corporate faker - and - multi-national whores
Profess social rules - and - cultural mores
The foulness of spoiled flesh - and - viscidity
Reflect neo-Marshall cornucopial dream idiocy
Drowing in a sea of psychostimulation
Damned to thing thought death in a supersonic commuication nation
A cunning and wicked disease
Spread by a virus of ignorant pleas
From Father McLuhan
The future is born
Is there any shelter
From this schizophrenic storm
Transistorized thought patterns
Television tube sight
Minds become captive
Bound by radio wave might
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Schizophrenic Storm Lyrics

Angkor Wat – Schizophrenic Storm Lyrics

Songwriters: GROSSMAN
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