Your tongue
Bores me numb
Terror toma carcinoma
Thinking for you

Shallow opinion,
Acid fetish toy in the shape of
You look very beautiful [beautiful]
Deranged, debauched, denued
On that stainless steel cot.

Enter Herr Surgeon
Take up the bowie knife
And play join the dots.

Vena carva
Heart starter
The doctor is in

Your fist
Judas kiss
Writhing carcass
New Lazarus ravenous blood
Razor devil child
Drugged up, aristocrat
Completely fucked up with formalities
Empty, heiress, tantrums
Psycho, with a gun
Finger heracy
Clean out the poison when you cut out your tongue

(Heart removed neatly with a bowie knife
Pick up the blade and join the dots) [4x]

Vena cava
Heart starter
The doctor is insane

The doctor is insane [4x]
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VenaCava Lyrics

Angelspit – VenaCava Lyrics