Now I am your mute cousin,
Young shaved virgin whore,
On my prison steel bed I wait for you.
So follow me down,
I am weeping and torn,
Put your dirty white hands inside me.
These walls they are ringing,
With my tortured last screaming,
Now suck the fear from my belly.
The red sea is raging,
With my coughing and spitting,
My love is bitter sulpher burning.
Now I am your mute wife,
You wrote your name on my back with your knife,
My pain is pointless and endless.
I'm your stupid child now,
Who is shaking with grief in your mouth,
And I'm calling your name from hell...

The shining black horse on the ridge,
Is snorting and choking with it,
I can feel the texture of your suffering.
My memory's an ocean,
Littered with useless debris,
Please stop me now from thinking.
The white sun is rising,
Over the lavender hill,
I can see the footsteps of Jesus.
So where's my true body now,
Now that I've been consumed,
I'm dissolving inside of your future...

No I am not my body.
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My True Body Lyrics

Angels Of Light – My True Body Lyrics