Verse 1
I’ve never seen jewels fall from the sky
Until the moment I gazed in your eyes
Then you stepped on my heart and crushed me
Down the drain there goes half my dreams

Verse 2
I ask myself the reason why
Pondering the question kept me up all night
Am I not enough or too much for you
Does my craziness, does it frighten you

Rain clouds, clouds, do you cry as much as I do
What makes you sad, you’re a hopeless romantic
Waves, waves, what are you always in search of that makes you so restless
Have you lost your soul
Stars, stars, tell me the reason you shine
Are you shedding a light for the one that you love

Am I destined to be a hopeless romantic?
Am I destined to be a hopeless romantic?

At least now I know, that I’m safe with you
At least now I know I can trust in you
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Hopeless Romantic Lyrics

Angela Roman – Hopeless Romantic Lyrics