Oh I
I watch frames of dying trees in the mirror reflection of me
And drive through passing cars
They leave me on the backseat
So empty

I learned the things I never wanted to be taught
I met so many monsters without hearts
I'm a user of love who numbs her pain
Her scars
And an addict of addiction
Of all the things I imagine but can not dream at night

Oh free me
Oh release me
Cos I don't know who I ever am
Who I ever am
Don't leave me
I wanna sleep by your side tonight
Don't let me die

Keep the cheaters away from me
Oh all those sweet enemies
Some souls were too ripe for mine
And some hearts were too broken inside
Oh I love the real to come to me
To have it and to posses it
To hold it tightly inside of my hands
Inside of me
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Frames Of Dying Trees Lyrics

Angel Unthinkable – Frames Of Dying Trees Lyrics