I wrapped my heart all around you,
And I saved a place; it's reserved for two.
I can't forget how it used to be just me;
I felt incomplete,

So I took an oath to be there or you.
I want to show you my words are true,
So I wrapped this heart in a gift too soon
From me and wished for happy dreams.

I could never be myself,
Since no one else would acept me.
I could never try to lie,
Because I'm too afraid you'll desert me.
I will never hide my heart;
If we're too apart it'll break me.
Life was just a hazy dream till I found you
Please don't leave, please don't leave.

I never thought that I'd fall hard, it's true.
I guess I'll call this my love's lullaby to you.
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Re: Love's Lullaby Lyrics

Angel JC – Re: Love's Lullaby Lyrics