Cock sucking your way to nowhere
Every time I see you're on a mission
Twist inside a world with such different faces
Putting up a mask for each different season
The pressure of living up to your image keep driving your low life existence
Existence covered by your attitude
Now the tables are turning
Can you make it stop?
You live inside a hole where you play alone all your life
At being someone that you're not
For a five cent fame you would do anything
Cause you're a bitch and you will never reach the top

Cause you wanna be a king, even a king for a day
But your kingdom is fake and that's the fact
Enslaved in your own words, your own lies
In this shit hole where all of you will die alone
An angel face, a dying skin, your rotten life is full of sins
Despite the game you play, you know the game is mine
Your world collapses now, close your eyes
Embrace the memories of what is past
Embrace the memories
Now the tables are turning
Can you make it stop?
Now get the fuck out!
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Another King Down Lyrics

Angel Crew – Another King Down Lyrics