Sweet Gangsta bitch
Lives fast out in the suburbs
Goes out and gets high
In search of the divine
Higher than the sky
Blinded by reflections
In a world full of mirrors
Seeing trails of history
In the shadows of the mainstream
This is how it all begins
This is where she should check in
Get higher than the sky
Want to embrace it all
Ya this is how she struts her stuff
She's doing it with Lazers
She's dancing on the stars
She's doing it with Lazers
Blowing our city apart
This morning she woke up
About dayglow noon
Last night she passed out
To a blood red moon
Murder on her mind
She shot the cop down
He fell cold to the pavement
Thanx for everything
Said little Gangsta bitch
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Strung Out Lyrics

Andy Mccoy – Strung Out Lyrics

Songwriters: Andy Mc Coy
Strung Out lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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