Just a few hours left.
It could have been worse.
At least it's all out on the table here between who I really am and who you thought I was.
Yeah there's freedom but the taste is bittersweet when you're hungry for forgiveness.
Truth comes like a thief when the ceiling caves in.
Such a sweet relief the beginning of the end.
You have to tear it apart to get the pieces to mend.
Strange place to start – beginning of the end.
Go ahead and cry.
Get it all out.
Take whatever you need to muster up the strength.
To look me in the eye and dig deep down.
Far enough into the fire to find the place where we started.
Do you remember?
If you're thinking it's worth saving you have to tear it apart.
Strange place to start.
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Beginning Of The End Lyrics

Andy Gullahorn – Beginning Of The End Lyrics