Slow, heart beat slow
Sooner or later she'll get the picture
Sigh, close your eyes
Pay her no mind there'll be time to impress her

Right now maybe she doesn't see ya sooner or later
She'll come around, boy is she gonna need ya sooner or later
Somehow I know well make together sooner or later

Say, nothing at all
Just let her own heart do the convincing??
Time, give her some time
She'll come to her senses and feel what your feeling

When she turns around and all the others are fading
The boy in her dream will be standing here waiting
Oh, she'll come a' runnin, but

I'm a dreamer yea it's true
In my wildest dream I'll still be holding on to you
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Sooner Or Later Lyrics

Andrew Ripp – Sooner Or Later Lyrics

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