Here where I live
In Indiana
It is a small town
Like any other.

There lived the prettiest girl around
She had blonde hair and glasses
Her name was Kara
She was a senior
At the highschool
I was on break from
The university
Sure I had seen her
Sure I had known her
She was a girl then
Now she was a women

And I was gone gone gone
Gone gone gone
Like the apple
Adam couldnt help himself
And I was gone gone gone
Gone gone kara goodbye

She worked on weekends
Down at the grocery so
Saturday morning I had to go shopping
We made some small talk
And I tried to be funny
When she smiled with those innocent eyes
I knew she could see through me
Well later that evening
We took a walk outside
The leaves were crunching
And our stars were crossing
We smiled at nothing at all
We laughed at everything
But Monday morning, classes they were starting

And I was gone gone gone
Gone gone gone
Like the falling star
On an Indiana night
I was gone gone gone
Gone gone Kara goodbye.

First I came back home
Every chance that I can get
Then things started getting a little busy
The holidays were over
Before you knew it I took summer job in Indianapolis
The city draped it's fog over me
I told myself I was too busy to write
Biggest mistake I ever made

When I came home at the end of summer
I called up Kara and I got her mother on the phone
She said she'd left for school in north carolina
To study art
Do something wonderful

Kara where we're from in indiana
It's just a small town like any other
We all watched you
Because we loved you
You were so beautiful
And you didn't even try yea

And you were gone gone gone
Gone gone gone like the autumn
I fell in love
You were gone gone gone
Gone gone kara goodbye.

Do something beautiful
I know you will.
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Kara Lyrics

Andrew Osenga – Kara Lyrics

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