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Wandering Child ... Bravo Bravo Lyrics

Andrew Lloyd Webber – Wandering Child ... Bravo Bravo Lyrics

Wandering child...
So lost...
So helpless...
Yearning for my
Angel... Or father...
Friend... Or
Phantom... ?
Who is it there
Staring... ?

Have you
Forgotten your Angel...?
Angel... Oh, speak...
What endless
Echo in this
Too long you've wandered
In winter... Once again
She is his...
Far from my
Far-reaching gaze...
Once again
She returns...

Wildly my mind
Beats against you...
You resist...
Yet your/the soul

... To the arms
Of her angel...
Angel or demon...
Still he calls her...
Luring her back, from the grave...
Angel or dark seducer...?
Who are you, strange
Angel of Music!
You denied me
Turning from true beauty...
Angel of Music!
Do not shun me...
Come to your strange
Angel of Music!
I denied you
Turning from true beauty...
Angel of Music!
My protector...
Come to me, strange
I am your Angel of Music...
Come to me: Angel of Music...
Angel of darkness!
Cease this torment!
I am your Angel of Music...
Come to me: Angel of Music...
Christine! Christine listen to me!
Whatever you may believe, this man...
This thing... Is not your father!
Let her go! For God's sake, let her go! Christine!
Raoul... Bravo, monsieur!
Such spirited words!
More tricks, monsieur?
Let's see, monsieur
How far you dare go!
More deception? More violence?
Raoul, no...
That's right, that's right
Monsieur -
Keep walking this way!
You can't win her love by making her your prisoner
Raoul, don't...
Stay back!
I'm here, I'm here
The angel of death!
Come on, come on
Don't stop, don't stop!
Raoul! Come back...
Don't go!
So be it! Now let it be war upon you both!

You understand your instructions?
When you hear the whistle, take up your positions
I shall then instruct you to secure the doors. It
Essential that all doors are properly secured
Are we doing the right thing, Andre?
Have you got a better idea?
Monsieur le Vicomte, am I to give the order?

Give the order
You in the pit - do you have a clear view of this
Yes, sir. Remember, when the time comes, shoot. Only if
You have to - but shoot. To kill
How will I know, sir? You'll know
Monsieur le Vicomte, are you confident that this
Will work? Will Miss Daae sing?
Don't worry, Firmin. Andre?
We're in your hands, sir
My men are now in position, sirgo ahead, then
Are the doors secure?
I'm here: The Phantom of the Opera. .
I'm here: The Phantom of the Opera. .
Idiot! You'll kill someone. I said: only when the
Times comes!
But, Monsieur le Vicomte
No 'buts'! For once, Monsieur le Vicomte is
Right. .
Seal my
Fate tonight - I
Hate to have to
Cut the fun short
But the joke's
Wearing thin. .
Let the audience in. .
Let my opera begin!
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