Im down

I believe in what, you believe in me,
One word can hurt sodeeply,
My truth is your fantasy,
Cause Im a Fallacy of the Free,

Fallacy of the Free, yah,
Fallacy of the Free,

Im tired, so tired, (2 times)

Trying to find a way to face,
The one thats staring back at me,
Face the fear thats burned inside of me,
Locked in chains, Im a fallacy,
Im a fallacy of the free,

Can you help me, when you see me pass?
Can you lend a hand?
Lend a hand

Where do I stand?
Whats the plan?
In this see of propaganda,
Whats my part?
Will I pass like a grain of sand?
Ill give it all away for this sickness to end,
Ill give it all away, for it to end,
Sometimes I feel so broken,
But Im trying to bendIm trying to bend!
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Fallacy Of The Free Lyrics

Andrew Justin Nicoletta – Fallacy Of The Free Lyrics