Any frog becomes a prince, when you look at him through the right set of eyes.
So, come on darling, show some love, and watch how quick I she'd this plain disguise.
You've been looking for a noble steed, to leap through fire, gallop through your courses,
But mark my words, you soon will find your unicorns are only horny horses.
And in this crazy world of ours, you don't get what you see,
Why don't you take a chance for once - kiss me, pretty girl.
I know that you've been searching, girl, but you won't find your kind of loving here-
It's like spitting in your wishing well, throwing pennies at your magic mirror.
You've built a lovely place to hide, but still you need a knight to save the day.
Speak my name, I'm at your side, unsheathe my sword and chase your fears away.
Keep waiting for your prince to come, but darling, you're confused,
Cause pretty soon you're gonna wind up singing - the fairytale blues.
You can fight all on your own, if that is what you choose,
But pretty soon I know you'll be a-singing - the fairytale blues.
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The Fairy Tale Blues Lyrics

Andrew Hilty – The Fairy Tale Blues Lyrics