Jesus Christ, I'm here to die
And bleed on the mike get crucified
And come back to life.
Hallelujah, how you doin?
Now that your girlfriend want to screw me.
Oh-wee I got the goods.
I roll with rich girls to score in the hood.
The folklore true ten inch vegetable,
The sex is incredible.
So who want a date with Andre?
Pick you up late in my '88 hyundai.
Tell your mom that her daughter's the bomb,
Bring her home tomorrow with tracks on her arm.
Sick fuck in the ice cream truck,
Getting my big stick licked by the little sluts.
Sex Offender, don't question my gender,
I'm on a bender.

I'm on a bender, that's right I'm on a bender,
I'm on a bender don't ask me no questions, I won't remember.
I'm on a bender, that's right I'm on a bender,
I'm on a bender, and I'll be gone 'till next November.

Oh my God, times is trif
This ain't a hobby its a hard knock life.
I told my mom she'd see my name in lights.
The trial of the century starts tonight.
Newsflash, the dude is trashy,
Too bad that I'm good at rappin'.
I woulda made a great actor,
or a pornstar I was born hard.
Dick charms from the guitar,
Andre livin like a rockstar.
Blowin' lines 'till I'm lock jawed,
South paul knockin' out your grandma
Ever since I discovered my dick.
I been roamin' the strip,
Lookin' for a tender to take her on a bender.


Had a date with Satan,
Homie kept paging, I kept flaking.
Sold my soul for a hit of crack rock
Dipped in liquid opiate.
Oh shit I'm lit, passed out drunk woke up naked.

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Bender Lyrics

Andre Legacy – Bender Lyrics

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