La, la, la
L-l-life without m-m-music's
Like l-l-life without love

Man, if we had no music what would we dance to?
What would we sing to?
How would them babies learn their ABC’s
Oh, no

No, ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars’
No, ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’
And birds would have nothing to sing
No, ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’

Life without music
This is terrible
(No, no, no)

Uh, we wouldn’t even whistle
(No, no, no)
And we wouldn’t have a heartbeat
‘Cause we wouldn’t know what a beat was

Life without music
That’s so lame
(Life without music)
Man, we wouldn’t even have no ring tones

Shawty the phone wouldn't even ring
(Life without music)
Uh, it would just vibrate

At least nobody will be able to download your songs
(Life without)
She’s got a point
We'll go have to do something ‘bout this
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Life Without Music Lyrics

André 3000 – Life Without Music Lyrics