And if i carved your name into my arms with wire
Would that spell out devotion?
Because right now i'm drowning in despair
This desolation, falling away from you was the hardest thing
I'll carry this scar forever

You're dead to me
Dead to me

Nothing will ever be the same
It always comes back to you
At which point will i break?
Cross my heart, hope to die

Decaying memory

Fashion this knife, thrust into our backs
Welcoming this blood to wash away our sins
And i'll never go back again

Small cracks; now breaks - now just pieces of you
Rattling in my empty chest
Off time and broken replacing the rhythm
And filling the void where the heart once was

I'm so sorry for what you did, but you cannot take it back
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Drowning In Despair Lyrics

And The Sky Went Red – Drowning In Despair Lyrics