There's a man who plays a drum
Standing on the corner
Maybe he's a clown
All the children gather round
To watch the man play his drum.

He looks so serious
But you'd guess he's having fun...
Bang the drum, bang the drum bang the drum.

Wind blows down the alleyway
Creeps up behind him and it says
"But what are you doing here son?
Don't tell me you're just here to beat that drum."

"I'll take some fried fish and beer
Then probably I'll disappear
But think about me when I'm gone
And tell me why it is you beat that drum."

And when the moon lifted it's head
It moved up close to him and said
"Oh by the way my boy - by the way
I think I'm going to believe you
No matter what you say."
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A Man With A Drum Lyrics

And Also The Trees – A Man With A Drum Lyrics