Allow me to introduce myself.
As you probably don't know, I'm a very famous person.
Even missing on the smallest party is a capable happening to ruin me.
But I can afford this by setting draggy parties an end before they even
Have started!
Therefore I use my amount-line-extra-sized checks.
I have everything.
Just takes a lifetime to let me show it all.
If I'm smiling everybody smiles, I guess they've found their god in me.
I'm not forced to stay with you, because I can stay everywhere with
I can clap once to start my own little war and flip twice to contaminate
The world to clap with my beat.
My appearance is self-confident and I know they like my charm.
I don't have to take a shower to wash away the dirt from those unjustly
Treated sensitives.
No. I look quite good with that. (I look good with that)
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Baby, I Don't Have To Look Good Lyrics

An Early Cascade – Baby, I Don't Have To Look Good Lyrics