Don't wanna see the stars
Don't wanna see the moon
Don't wanna see the sun
That rises too soon

Don't wanna see the day
Don't wanna see the night
Oh the afternoon it feels
About right

I am the spaceman, flying high
I am the astronaut in the sky
Don't worry, I'm okay now
I am the light in the dark
I am the match, I am the spark
Don't worry, I'm okay now

After the sun
Always comes the rain
Followed by hurt
And pain

After the light
Comes the dark
After the love
Comes the breaking of my heart




Just dry your eyes and I'll be there
Don't live for anger or despair
Don't worry, I'm okay now
I'm okay; I'm okay now.
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Spark Lyrics

Amy MacDonald – Spark Lyrics

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