Sometimes When you're alone somewhere
When Depression put it's heavy hands on you
When you are stranger to yourself out here
Then hope that mirror can tell you what to do

Into the Mirror
You'll trace yourself
'Till all is lost, all is done
The man inside is not me
It is the shadow of humanity
When all is lost, is lost...
There is none of this

When you stop to take a look at the mirror
There is a feeling deep inside you
That something is going to swallow your personality
Which is trapped inside for all eternity

The monster that is searching for your soul
Lives in the Mirror and awaits your final look
At the glass area that hides so many great Secrets
When you can read yourself, like an open book

All this time I wonder if I'm talking to myself
Or is it really someone there when I look at
My own face and body and feel it's really me
Yes, but there's no soul, just Shadow of Man

[Repeat chorus]

I will never understand myself
'Cause it's not really me that stands there
And stare in my reflection of hidden humanity
Or is it maybe me who is trapped, on the other side...

On the other side!
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Into The Mirror Lyrics

Amon Din – Into The Mirror Lyrics