You can say many things about how to fix my things
You don't know

About me for real
You give me advice according to your way to lives your life
You don't remember
My way to live

Hah! Hah! Hah!

I know, I will commit many mistakes
But I also know that It
Will make me less
And proud

For sure! It will no make easy my destiny, but at least
Vision will change
A little bit
About my path

I don't believe that exist a man who never
Carried out
On his whole life

I saw there and I see here all the time
So, relax!
It will help me
To become wise

Sooner or later things will come to me
So, somehow
I need to learn
About things of life
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Wise Mistakes! Lyrics

Amery Rey Tuesta – Wise Mistakes! Lyrics