Sooner or later all your realizations gonna be the savior of all your
We are what we think, what we do, what we listen, eating, missing, risking, seeking, ripping

We go here, we go there but we never find time to see, to feel and taste new things
Everyday. Day and night life bounces like a crazy grasshopper
Which doesn't know where to go, where to live and where to stay

You gonna move to here to there always blend by the force of theories, myths, lies, truths but not by the cause of love and peace, cease, cleanse, ease, fresh, esch, friendship
Today you have the chance to be the man you want to be. ‘cause tomorrow wherever you go, you are, you live, whatever you do, you think, you say will define who you were yesterday
So now it's your time

Today flows like a Rap I want to enjoy my ride!
I want to breath pure life
(Today flows like a rap. I want to love all the time
To you and to me for the rest of my life)

Today by things of life you have the chance to decide but not to run
Your whole life
Now your hands and foots goes around but the sky doesn't follow you. because your time here is not that long to wait for you to dance with the stars
The clouds run faster than your life. So today is where you jump, bump, pump, lump altogether so choose what you want to have
In your fucking values time. Did you get it? Did you understand it? Because now is time for you to fuck off and
Let me look at the stars reflecting in the swimming pool tonight
So go without doubting for what you want to get in your life. Today is today and today is everyday man!
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Today Flows Like A Rap (feat. Mariska) Lyrics

Amery Rey Tuesta – Today Flows Like A Rap (feat. Mariska) Lyrics