James's saying was like I'm gonna tell
Nothing big, nothing great, but full of sense
Nobody ever good denied, for what he has said
About you, your life and your environment

He always cares about you and your problems
He always sat down quite to listen about your gloom and distress

He used to say: life is not something to play with it
Out there people are struggling in trying to bring
Some happiness
To their life every day. if you feel good today
Try to find out the source of it

Don't let it go. Embrace it
But, remember, it will go away anyway
Maybe, tomorrow it will come back again
So be ready, to hold it, with love and humbleness

He used to say: Be flexible with yourself
Nobody will be able
To understand if you
Shout with anger to them

Everybody will run away to protect themselves
Remember tomorrow it will be a better day
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James's Saying! Lyrics

Amery Rey Tuesta – James's Saying! Lyrics