It's been so long since you and I could be alone
And I've been torn between home and where my heart is
Our slow dissolving distance
And the chords I mix my voice with
You said "kid you seem down enough for the both of us,
And you knew better than to start that game"
So I spent that night with my tongue tied, wrapped up in a strangers name.
And everything changed but I still swore we'd stay the same
Growing up made us ghosts trapped inside the stories we wrote
But we were still kids when this got away from me
There's nothing keeping me anymore
And I've been thinking we're better off but I'm never sure
I took my heart across state lines
I fell apart hoping I might find
Something left behind from the last time someone tore out my insides
Resolute but weak at the knees
Weathered and withered into a different me
From wanting nothing more than to be anything you need
And all I needed was one good reason to say I had to go
In this city it's easy to forget your way back home
So this is home away from home
On your couch and on my own
Just sleeping it off, feeling this all
Over and over
I think we both know where this ends
Still I keep writing your name in every city I see
Just to feel that you're a part of everything you swore that I could be
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Why I'm Not Where You Are Lyrics

American Scene – Why I'm Not Where You Are Lyrics

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