Hello my name is bitter
And I'm glad we just met,
At the end of this suspense.

So lets make up shake hands and start again,
Because I swear that if we don't
I wont have the strength within
To pull through, to see you,
This close to me and know that
I can't be yours.

I've managed to fall through every single crack
And the sky is suddenly splitting apart.

So where are we gonna begin girl?

What could I ever say that could make you want me.

I've Lost my last bit of hope
So I guess I should call it a night
And retreat to my slumber
Where the only thing that's real
Is the sequence of these numbers.

For the last week I've watched my iron heart
Sink from my chest into my stomach

Oh girl how I beg for you to see.
Oh please just breathe your love through me.
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My Iron Heart Lyrics

Amen. The Animal – My Iron Heart Lyrics

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