This is where we should stop
And just pretend that we are empty
Hollow like this space between
Where this is just a dream

Or my imagination
Playing tricks on me
This is where we could stop and
Maybe then we wouldn't have to feel

This force that's pulling us apart
See you and I we change the odds
You and I we are the story told
We look for all those places that no one wants to go

And run
Just mouth the words
You don't even have to say it
Come on come on

You know I can't just let it go
You have me right where I wanted you
And I'm right where you were
Where I never wanted to be

What difference does it make if you scream when you cry?
It hurts the same
You swear you're alone but someone always feels sorry
Well I'm sorry but I'm sorry just isn't enough

Stretch the truth until it hurts
Mix your words up a little more
I don't want to hear it
Conversation is overrated

Just ask your first impression that was so quick to kiss a stranger
Can you fake it?
You don't even have to say it
Just mouth the words until your smokers breath makes you blush

I just want to see you embarrassed
As pathetic as it seems I've been waiting on a maybe
So desperately
So sorry if I can't leave what's in the past there

So sorry if I got caught up in the past
When everything you can't remember is what you want to forget
I wish I had this sarcastic smile I could keep to myself
While I drowned in how I felt
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32 Teeth And I Still Can't Bite My Tongue Lyrics

Ambry – 32 Teeth And I Still Can't Bite My Tongue Lyrics