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Out Of The Snow Lyrics

Amazing Rhythm Aces – Out Of The Snow Lyrics

Go away, go away, you cold north wind
Blowin' my muffler 'round and 'round
Your white powder blows coverin' up the icy ground
I'm a slippin' and a slidin' down this dead end stream
Like a sheep who is lost from the fold
I've been on the land and I've been on the sea
I ain't never seen a night so cold
Suddenly a face at the window
Looks like someone I might a seen before
Thought it musta been my imagination
When suddenly she opened up the door
"And I never expected to see you again
Must a been seven years ago
Now that you're here, why don't you come in
Don't stand outside in the snow"

She sat me down in that old rockin' chair
And she threw on another lump of coal
Said "what's a southern boy like you, doin' here
Where the winter gets so long and cold"
"My history's a short one to tell
I've been travelin' all these seven years
I followed the music and the money around
And that's what I'm doin' up here"
She said "I came up with my husband
He wanted to get away from Tennessee
He's up somewhere in the Rocky Mountains
But it just got to cold up there for me
And I never expected to see you again
Then again, you just never know
You better stay here until the weather clears
It's to cold to be out there in the snow"
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Songwriters: RUSSELL SMITH
Out Of The Snow lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc.

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