Savour the kiss for love lies bleeding,
The horn 'neath her rose pricks your pleading.
The end so gently comes disguised in pity,
That flower once warm, sublime, falls bereft in decline.

Blue mantle of night soothe my fears
Love's enduring fight perseveres.

And she cuts to the very quick and love lies bleeding,
The sting in her blade pares your needing.
In vain you staunch the flow of wounded memories,
That bloom supreme, regaled, bows it's head, love's impaled.

Love's watermark flows through your veins
Crimson so dark each drop ingrains, each spot remains.

She delivers the "coup de grace"
And love lies bleeding
Don't parry the blow, concede,
Love died young spirit's freed.

Blue mantle of night soothe my tears
Love's enduring fight perseveres.
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Love Lies Bleeding Lyrics

Amazing Blondel – Love Lies Bleeding Lyrics