My eyes could drown this room in a matter of days.
My heart could keep the strongest beat while the band plays.
I'm so damn scared that from this bed you'll never awake.
Tangled up in tubes, your body doesn't look like you as I lay a kiss on your face.

And I'm praying from the side of the road.
Cos I can't even make the drive home.
And this night is haunting like the ghost, that takes from me what I love most.

I watched your heart beat as glowing peaks on the monitor screen.
Your lungs filled with air from machines that will keep you here with me.
This room's so cold but your hand is warm as I hold it in mine.
This week has been the longest I have seen in my life.

And I'd sell my soul, I'd sell my soul to keep you alive.
Because what if eternity isn't like what we had in mind?
And this earth and this life is all we have?
Well I'd sell my soul, I'd risk it all for that.

They said you wouldn't make it through if you don't awake by Saturday.
And even if you do, it was unlikely you'd ever be the same.
So I fall to my knees, and I beg and I scream and I pray.
And I'm sitting on the side of the road in the pouring rain.
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The Ghost Lyrics

Amanda Merdzan – The Ghost Lyrics